Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Today's recipe is a homage to my aunt Dorthe, also known as Flo, who runs Tebstrup Gedeosteri (click link to visit their page), where they produce a variety of wonderful organic goat cheese. Although it's actually just a simple bruschetta, I've decided to call them "Go with the Flo". Here's what you need:

Day-old bread, toasted
High quality extra virgin olive oil
Freshly blended tomatoes (with a bit of garlic for a kick)
Tebstrup Gedeost in oil (or any soft goat cheese)
A couple of fresh basil leaves, cut into fine threads (look up the cutting technique 'chiffonade')
A light sprinkle of sea salt flakes (fleur de sel)

Assemble the toasted bread with some drops of olive oil, the tomato and the cheese. Toast it a bit further. Sprinkle on the basil, some more olive oil and the sea salt.  

The tub of soft goat cheese in oil with thyme, rosemary and pink pepper corn.